Why Mountain Living? The Start to Intelligent Lifestyle Adventure

There are few who would argue, vacation is AWESOME!  But how many of us often leave our favorite vacation destinations saying “Dang I think I could live here, I don’t want to go home.”  I believe there is a way to do both.

img_20181106_1637081As an avid outdoorsman and Colorado native, my passion for the outdoors and adventure is what drives me to lead a healthy and active lifestyle. I currently live in Breckenridge Colorado, where I am lucky enough to enjoy my mountainous back yard on a daily basis.

Life is good in the mountains, with unlimited biking, hiking, skiing, camping, backpacking, off-roading, and climbing, all within a stones throw of my home.

However, it’s often easy to forget just how good us mountain folk have it until you lose your mobility or ability to “charge in the mountains”. Three weeks ago, just before the start of the ski season, I ruptured my Achilles tendon playing basketball in the local rec league, a completely unlucky and somewhat freak accident.

After turning 32 just a week before, I said to myself “OK, gotta get into the gym and get ready for ski season, don’t want to get hurt and miss out, gonna be a big winter…”.

Always an active person, and coming off a summer filled with activities such as mountain biking, hiking, softball, golf, you name it, I was completely devastated to know my winter was essentially over before it even began (Achilles tears take about 5-7 months to completely recover from).

But instead of waiting around and hoping for the post injury depression to pass, the wound to heal, and the mobility to return, I decided its time to focus on other passions.

Rocky Mountain National Park

I returned to work a week after surgery (I work for an amazing company managing the maintenance for one of their vacation properties). I found myself looking through a different set of lenses and instead of planning my next adventure, I began reflecting on all of the backcountry and travel adventures I have been so fortunate to enjoy.

This outlook made me want to put some of my stories and perspectives into words for others to enjoy.  While I intend to write primarily about mountain living, travel, money, extreme sports, management and healthy living, there really is no limit to the content I may include in this blog.


Its my mission to help people understand that living in the mountains, on the beach, or in a small isolated desert town has its challenges, it’s the healthiest way to live!  In fact, according Wikipedia, the three counties with the longest life expectancy are all Colorado mountain communities!  Followed closely by other small US towns.

But its more than just living here, it’s the lifestyle, which generally includes a large majority of the population that travels often, works hard, and recreates as a part of daily life.  When you wrap it all up into one, there are so many factors that lead to the healthy mountain lifestyle.  But, why not take it a step further, and make SURE you are living an Intelligent Mountain Lifestyle.

I look forward to growing together as I explore the many factors of mountain life that make it so desirable (and sometimes downright awful).  Comments, suggestions, shares, and likes welcome! Thanks for reading!

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